Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus COVID-19 update – subject to change

We have robust business continuity processes in place that will help enable us to continue to service the needs of customers and professional partners, which means we are well prepared and our business is as resilient as possible.  We are continually monitoring the risk of the coronavirus COVID-19 and government guidance on travel, exposure and preventative measures.  As a firm that is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct authority, we are required to treat customers fairly and consider the needs of those potentially affected by the impact of coronavirus.

What is your policy if a member of staff has recently been to an affected area on holiday?

They will self-isolate in accordance with government advice.

What will happen if a member of staff or recent visitor is being tested for suspected coronavirus?

The member of staff or visitor will not be permitted to come to the office.  A deep clean of the office would take place, which may require a staggered temporary closure of parts of the office while this is carried out. We will, as far as possible, continue with the provision of services during such period.

What will happen if you have a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus?

If we have a suspected case, the office will most likely remain open while laboratory tests results are awaited, subject to a deep clean.

If we have a confirmed case, we will update our website accordingly, try to identify “contacts” and advise such contacts on steps that should be taken, including self-isolation.

What will happen if the office closes?

Staff members have been issued with laptops to be able to work remotely.  Landline phones have been diverted to staff mobile phones and a “softphone” system is in place. Staff living near the office will deal with daily post.

How are you reducing the risk around the office?

We have anti-bacterial soap, hand gel, boxes of tissues and posters reminding staff of the importance of maintaining hygiene standards in various locations, including on entry/exit of the building.  Our office cleaners have responded to the need for a deeper clean around desktops, handsets, keyboards and door handles.  We have ceased arranging face to face meetings outside the office for the time being, conducting meetings via conference calls instead.

How are you monitoring third parties to whom you have outsourced services?

We already have regulatory requirements on us to take reasonable care to organise and control our affairs responsibly and effectively with adequate risk management systems and to take reasonable steps to avoid undue additional operational risk when relying on a third party for the performance of operational functions which are critical for the performance of the regulated activities that we carry out.  We carry out due diligence when selecting such third parties and have a monitoring programme.  This includes checking on their Business Continuity Plans.  We are monitoring the COVID-19 alerts from these critical outsource providers.

We will strive to continue to deliver the excellent level of service you have come to expect from us during this period.  Thank you for your understanding.

December 2021