Our Values

Culture and Company Values

Our culture is based on the four values set out below, shaping individual behaviours and, in turn, company behaviour. Our values influence our dealings with colleagues, clients, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which we work.

Straightforward. We speak plainly, we are open minded, accurate, diligent and clear in what we do and say.

Trustworthy. We are transparent and direct. We seek and tell the truth, simply and respectfully. We deliver to a high standard, repeatedly. We do what’s right, not what’s convenient.

Engaging. We're a team. We all choose to be here and we choose to give it our best. Our team members strive to make the team do better. We impress by example. We are curious.

Professional. Our employees own it. Each employee is accountable. We improve whatever we can. We commit to the success of our clients and colleagues.

In addition, as a company that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, all employees involved in providing financial services to our clients comply with the following Conduct Rules:

Integrity. We must act with integrity.

Due care, skill and diligence. We must act with due care, skill and diligence.

Open and co-operative. We must be open and cooperative with our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority and other regulators.

Treat customers fairly. We must pay due regard to the interests of customers and treat them fairly.

Proper standards. We must observe proper standards of market conduct.

Good consumer outcomes. We must act to deliver good outcomes for retail customers.